Drupal Training

Course Description

Those client who need some power full systems in content type, views, roles & permission etc ,they preferred to choose Drupal only, Choosing Drupal for web project or application is the right choice, Because Drupal is highly secured compared to any other CMS like Joomla or wordpress, very flexible to modify any features ,easy theming etc.So we also prefer to use Drupal CMS for our clients projects. Drupal is free-to-use software that makes it possible to organize, manage and publish the content easily. It comes with an endless variety of customization and is developed and maintained by a large community of developers and users worldwide.


Basic Knowledge of HTML and CSS is preferred but not necessary.




3 weeks


HighLean Technologies, Agra

Course Content

Intro & the Basic’s of Drupal
  • concepts of php ,mysql & Apache
  • drupal comparasion to other CMS(joomla, wordpress)
  • features of drupal
Joomla Installation/Configuration
  • Setting up development environment of Drupal
  • Finding a Web Host for Your Drupal Site
  • How to Install Drupal
  • Getting to Know the Drupal Dashboard
  • Setup Your Profile
Creating Your First Website With Drupal
  • Core Functionality of Drupal
  • Exploring the Admin Panel of Drupal
  • What are themes in Drupal and how to Install them?
  • What are content Types and how to create Them?
  • How to make different Access Levels in Drupal’s Site?
  • Working with Multimedia in Drupal?
  • Creating Audio Content Type in Drupal
  • Working with Audios
  • Creating Video Content Type in Drupal
  • Creating Image Content Type
  • How to make an Image Gallery in Drupal?
Security, Backups & Upgrades
  • How to make Backups of Drupal’s Sites
  • How to recover Drupal website from backups
  • How to upgrade Drupal Version
  • How to stop spam users in your Drupal Site
  • Add Captchas in Drupal Site


CREATING a Community Building Website with Drupal


Create a Learning Management System(LMS) with Drupal

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