iOS App Training

Course Description

According to Gartner, Apple’s iOS continues to be the dominant media tablet operating system and is projected to account for 61.4 percent of worldwide media tablet sales by the end of 2014.




5 weeks


HighLean Technologies, Agra

Course Content

1. Introduction to Objective C and Xcode
      • Introduction to iPhone development and Xcode
      • Introduction to Objective C – Part 1
      • Introduction to Objective C – Part 2
      • Introduction to Objective C – Part 3
      • Making your first iPhone App
2. Cocoa Touch and MVC in iOS
      • Introduction to Objective C – Part 4
      • Properties, Protocols and Categories in Cocoa Touch
      • Important Frameworks and creating Cocoa Touch classes
      • Understanding MVC architecture
3. Controls in iOS
      • Introduction to Controls
      • Understanding views and view hierarchy
      • Advance controllers programming in iOS
4. Controllers and Memory Management in iOS
      • Understanding Various View Controllers in detail
      • Working with Switch, Slider ,Buttons and Segment
      • Understanding Pickers and Action Sheets
      • Memory management in iOS
5. Introduction to Table View in iOS
      • Understanding Navigation Controller in iPhone
      • Working with Table view and mixed content
      • Grouped, indexed and dynamic table view
      • Other operations in Table view (Table Cell)
6. Persistence in iOS
      • File handling in iPhone (Directory and file creations, saving and retrieval of data)
      • Using SQLite in iPhone
      • Working with Persistence using property list.
      • Understanding of Core Data
      • Understanding the use of Accelerometer
7. Multimedia and internationalization in iOS
      • Playing back video and music in iPhone
      • Using camera in iPhone/ Photo library
8. Quality assurance in iOS Application
    • Steps to Launching the App in the APP store
    • Performance tuning of an Application
    • Debugging in Xcode
    • Unit Testing Applications

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