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Wordpress Website Development

Wordpress is a CMS (Content Management System) which helps in creating websites much faster as compared to traditional HTML/Css websites. HighLean Technologies provides high quality, responsive and affordable Wordpress website in just a week. We have predefined templates for different sectors of business. Send your requirement through email or talk to us for customized quotation.. All our websites are SEO friendly.

Comparison between HTML and Wordpress Websites

SourceClosed source, meaning only you or coder can make any necessary changes to the code.Open source platform - It means that anybody can modify this CMS by developing various additions (plugins, themes) which you can implement into your own site.
ModificationIf you know HTML/CSS then only you can modify the code.An Interface is available for any modification with thousands of plugins.
DesignDepends on your coding skills.Lots of Options for designing through plugins and themes.
PerformanceBetter Performance as you only code what you need.A lot depends on what theme and plugins have installed. Normally the performance is slightly lower.
SEOManually add code for SEO.Wordpress provides SEO by default.
HostingVery Cheap - Any Linux/Windows HostingOptimized Wordpress Hosting is available apart from Linux Hosting.
Development CostDepends on your Freelancer/Agency. Usually very cheap See Pricing PlansSlightly costlier than HTML website.

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